Buried Treasure: Sørensen Unearths Remarkable Find

by jimowensjr

Recently, archeologists have reported a remarkable new discovery.

“This tells us so much about the values of this ancient culture,” said Dr. Birgitte Sørensen.  “We’ve wondered about this for so long.”

The find was unearthed by Sørensen and her team in a once densely populated area of North America.  “We’ve been excavating this site for several years.  Until now, we’ve only found a number of tools they used for daily living.  And we’ve known for some time that this culture, at some point, began to fall apart.  They fell into tribes, warring with one another, which ultimately lead to their destruction.”

A once shining example of their cultural ethos, the newly found artifact was marred by time, pressure, and what appeared to be the scars of both blunt force trauma and surgical quality incisions.

“Our linguists, who use the most remarkable artificial intelligence, have studied it carefully.  They’ve uncovered an inscription that appears to read ‘civil discourse,’” said Sørensen, the head of Ancient Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Findings form Sørensen’s work was published in the January 2520 edition of The Journal of Antiquity   She and her co-authors say their discovery was buried below the accumulated weight of anger, ignorance and selfishness.  Further, it indicates there were some efforts by a few to salvage this so-called piece of “civil discourse,” before the downfall of this civilization.  While scholars cannot be sure of time the artifact was buried, they currently estimate it was lost somewhere between 1960 and 2000.

In summary remarks to us about this remarkable find Sørensen noted, “We are continuing our search, looking for evidence that this treasure was more commonplace than we currently believe.  Only time will tell.”