An Excerpt from The Darian Matter:

by jimowensjr

Author’s note:  While Cabal, my  forthcoming conspiracy thriller, rests with the editor, I’m continuing work of The Darian Matter.  This work of science fiction addresses existential issues, with attention to the nature of friendship, loyalty, duty, time and the possibility of multiple universes–all while earth’s future and the fate of mankind hangs in the balance.



In the darkness, time passed unnoticed.  But the inexoreable forces of pressure, moisture, and chemistry went on nonetheless.  And the irrepressible desire for survival, to carry on, to thrive even, had cooperated with those forces, along with neurobiology and physics within their world.

Not all of them had escaped the calaminty of the crushing pressures, of course.  Most of them had perished when the original onslaught occurred.  Some survived only to die within the first decades after the cataclysm.  But a precious few were still there.  Changed, yes.  But deep below the planet’s surface, they were alive.

One of them shuddered.  Then another.  And another. At first, only tiny bits of the debris in which they were entombed moved. Their bodies vibrated steadily, not violently, at frequencies that softened the compacted soil around them.  But slowly, as they joined together in a sort of mass vibration, stone and soil began giving way until far above them the surface bubbled in a cauldron of dust. Almost imperceptibly, their bodies began to ascend towards the surface, a volcanic flow of life rising towards the atmosphere.

It had taken weeks before the first of them emerged.  A few days later, others began to appear.  Within a week, perhaps a hundred of them stood motionless on the barren surface of the planet.  A few more weeks and the first one shook himself like a wet dog.  Bits of the remaining debris that covered its body scattered from it like water.    Then, one by one, the creatures extended their wings, warming themselves under the glow of the planet’s two suns.