In Between Man

by jimowensjr

The in-between man

Is checking his path

My compass in hand

I’m doing the math;


Sunshine and shadow,

The wind on my face,

I’ve wandered about

This evergreen space;


Canyon rims they’re rising,

Against blue and orange skies,

A traveler’s journey

My days passing by;


Still chasing horizons

That seem far away

But staking my tent,

This night will I stay;


Lights from the past,

Illuminating the night

They strengthen my heart

Filling me with delight;


I’ll wake in the morn

With birds on the wing,

They’ve so little care

‘Cept songs that they’ll sing;


Then stuffing my pack

Once again on the trail

I’ll wander until

My skin grows pale;


The start of my journey

Falling farther behind

The day it will end

Coming ever more nigh;


There’s nothing to fear

And nothing for to fret

There’s no need for sorrow,

No need to regret;


My path is unseen,

But its all part of The Plan

These unexpected joys

Of an in-between-man