After Christmas

by jimowensjr

The evergreen lingers,

Sweet spices too,

The floors have been swept,

There’s little to do;

I sit in my chair

Earl Grey in my cup,

And spot the last remnant,

The steam rises up;

There under the couch

Some silver and red,

I smile and I laugh,

While shaking my head;

The presents all shared,

Gratitude all around,

I remember the chaos,

This heavenly sound;

Songs of the season,

Some furious joy,

The children now playing,

A girl and a boy;

Sugar she sits,

At peace in my lap,

She’s finally appeared,

Wanting her nap;

The boarders all gone,

But never too far,

They’ve all headed home,

In over-full cars;

My thoughts a bit scattered,

Another twelve come and passed,

How many will come?

They go by too fast;

Remembering the ones,

That held me so dear,

I long that once more,

Their voices I’d hear;

These memories of Christmas,

I quietly sift,

It seems to me truly,

They’re really the gift;