From Forty Lessons in Leadership: Lesson 5–Advisors

by jimowensjr

Lesson Five: Advisors
Most of us get up each day, bathe, groom our hair and face, get dressed and then check ourselves in the mirror before getting about our day. Yet without realizing it, we are examining ourselves in a mirror that only tells us part of the truth—how we look from a short distance. Stand closer to the mirror and you might notice a misapplication of makeup or a spot missed while shaving. The mirror only tells only as much as we allow it to tell us as a result of our distance from it. The closer we stand to it the more we learn about ourselves—which is increasingly important for the middle-aged man that I am today.
If you get a magnifying mirror and examine yourself closely, you will suddenly see all beautiful imperfections that make you unique. These imperfections, the scars, wrinkles and grey hairs are imperfections borne of life and experience that we will often work very hard to hide or disguise. But just as we need a powerful mirror and good light to see the imperfections in our appearance, we need a mirror to see our leadership shortcomings. And great advisors can be just that kind of mirror.
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