These Gods Who Made Her

by jimowensjr

These gods who made her,

this woman first,

bestowed their good gifts,

yet hid the dark curse;


Hephaestus created

By Zeus’ command,

With earth and the waters,

And Athena’s soft hand;


Her lilting speech,

Hermes he gave,

Yet from that strange jar,

These gods wouldn’t save;


Apollo, he offered,

The gift of his song,

The lid was still tight,

Though not for too long;


Her beauty bestowed,

Aphrodite’s own gift

And though she was warned

The top would she lift;


Now Apate she creeps,


Could Pandora have seen,

These things to abhor?


Unleashing their demons,

The god’s sure revenge

Prometheus stole fire

Now they would avenge;


But could it be,

That our bejeweled box

Holds terrors unknown,

A thing we should lock?


Despair now creeps,

On her padded feet,

From behind in the shadows,

‘Tis our soul that she seeks;


Still in the bright light

Some time there may be

A chance for us all,

The truth we might see;


These gifts that tempt

In deceit so adorned

Might only deserve

Our steadiest scorn;


Beauty and Riches

Glory, Fame too,

It seems that our world

They’ll someday undo.


Beware of the strangers

Bearing gifts they still say,

And guard all your steps

Each one every day;


So be it a box, or be it a jar,

The gods may soon offer,

Release only Hope,

From heart’s shining coffer;


For the once the lid’s opened

It may only release,

Fear and regret, 

Leave you longing for peace.