Half-Way Man

by jimowensjr

Daylight breaks,

upon the shore,

the emerald seas,

are calm once more;


Gulls soaring

cross bluest skies,

and children playing,

a baby cries;


Sea and sand,

waft on the breeze,

Creation yawns

her waking ease;


Along the shore,

this young man walks

perhaps with his gods,

he surely talks;


Pondering long,

His future bright,

Or could it be,

his worldly plight?


Bare feet washed

by the wave,

This solitude,

his longing gaze;


And from behind

he hears that voice,

tender she calls,

make now, thy choice;


A gray man fishing

there on the shore

Casting his lines,

surf’s gentle roar;


No sound makes he,

this wrinkled man

his shoulders bent,

his body tan;
He turns to watch,

the passing man,

and nods his head,

Some thing in hand;


And watching him,

this passerby,

nods in return,

and wonders why;


From the east,

the sun beats down,

This universe,

ever spinning round;


Footprints fading,

Behind his path,

Half-way now,

he’s done the math;


Waters creep,

the tides they strain

The voice draws near,

her clear refrain;


The dolphins diving

in their seas green,

Plumbing depths,

In dreams he’s seen;


The gulls they screech,

all filled with pride,

Sandpipers racing,

the relentless tide;


The sun now risen,

nigh at it’s peak

This half-way man

can finally speak;


Clouds in the distance,

Not far away,

The lightening cracks,

What does it say?
This half-way man,

must still pursue,

not something different,

yet something new.