I Remember how she Whistled

by jimowensjr

I remember how she whistled

And how she baked a pie,

Never used the cup,

Just measured by the eye;


And how she took me fishing,

Digging worms for the can,

I remember how she loved me

And her chicken in the pan;


I remember how she smelled,

Or think sometimes I do,

Lavender and lilac,

Like flowers blooming new;


And all the shirts she sewed me

Hand-stitched roses on the back,

I remember that she loved me

And that she gave me snacks;


I remember how he spoke,

And how he loved his boys,

Always had a story,

That his tools were my toys;


I remember how he held me

When upon the rocks I fell,

That he read his Bible

And the tales he’d tell;


I remember that his hair

Was fine and rather red.

I wish I could remember

The things I’m sure he said;


I remember that he loved her,

That Chester was his name,

And that he had a mule,

Dad says he couldn’t tame;


I remember how she laughed

And loved to tell a joke

Never met a stranger,

The drawl with which she spoke;


I remember the Christmas tree

A monstrous silver thing

And that gladly she gave me,

Grand-daddy’s wedding ring;


Always met me at the door

Whenever I came by,

Always did my laundry,

And the noise when it dried;


I remember how she woke

And rose within the dark,

How she always seemed

To have a special spark.


I remember his kind of swagger

And how he donned a hat,

I remember that he told me

Where the whiskey bottle sat;


He loved to give a gift,

To all the ones he loved,

And I kind of think he bought me

My first baseball glove.


I remember how he parted

A crowd of angry men,

Sometimes I really wish,

I could see him once again;


I remember how he drove

With all the windows down,

The air conditioner blowing

As we rode around.


I remember all these things

Of my parents-grand

Through the hour-glass

These bits of passing sand.


They labored in the field

And in the blackest mines,

Cared for all their children

Endured the toughest times;


I’m certain there were moments

When they lost their way,

But I’m grateful for them all

Who lead me here today.