Keep to the Center

by jimowensjr

Keep to the center

where the channel is deep

and relentless waters

flow to the open sea;


Keep to the center,

eyes ever watchful

for the treacherous  snags

lurking in her depths


Keep to the center,

away from her perilous shores,

far from the rocks of delusion

and the stranded debris

washed down from storms

gone by.


Keep to the center,

bow pointed downstream,

forward, toward the open waters

of awakening;


Keep to the center,

With open eyes unclouded

by fears floating past,

away from the calving clay

and spilling sands and

where murky waters boil;


Keep to the center,

when the sun above

and glaring waters below

conspire to blind and

when the fog lays heavy

and the banks disappear;


Keep to the center,

when the confluence boils

and the ill-wind blows

when currents push and pull

and the hull moans and creaks

in dismay;


Keep to the center,

where the channel is deep.