Silly Boy

by jimowensjr

I want to write a poem

That rhymes so perfectly.

It’s really very difficult,

I hope that you can see.


Nash, Poe, and Dickson

Seemed to do it all so well.

I wonder if they ever thought

This just isn’t going well?


Angelou and Dylan,

The words of Kipling too,

Move me in their work,

All saying something true,


Wadsworth was a master,

As was surely Frost,

Did they ever think,

That they were simply lost?


I’d like to write a poem

That changes this big world.

Maybe just a little bit,

While in this ball I’m curled.


I guess I’ll have to settle

For scribing just for him,

Words that might just change

A writer they call Jim.


Won’t be the Laureate,

Or win a Nobel Prize

Though I’m pretty famous

In my mother’s eyes.


There’s so very much to say

That’s buried in my heart.

Yes, I’m surely trying,

And this is where I start.


With apologies to Tolkien

And to Thoreau, of course

I know that I should stop

And show some real remorse.


But like the addict hooked,

I just can’t seem to quit,

Tossing out these words,

Even when they do not fit.


So I’ll carry on

Hoping that some day

There’ll be something meaningful

In what I have to say.


Some of what I write

Lays my soul so bare

Some is just for fun

I wonder if you care?


Which have I written here?

You may wonder still,

We have that in common,

I might just need my pills.


It really doesn’t matter

For these word I must,

Put them on the paper

The universe I’ll trust.


Now I’m having a bit of trouble

Ending this silly tale.

But now I have to stop

And go check my email.


So bid you now I do

A day that’s filled with joy,

I know you’re glad its over

Sorry, I’m just a silly boy.