Pink Cadillac

by jimowensjr

Let there be laughter, when the day comes.  And food.  Lots of delicious food. The kind that’s bad for you.  Fried chicken. French fries. Gravy. Some biscuits with butter, too. And ice cream.  There has to be ice cream.  Moose Tracks, please.

Of course, music is a must.  The classic stuff.  Kansas, Journey, and The Eagles.  Maybe even some Springsteen.  Pink Cadillac.  I love that song.  Crushed velvet seats.  Ridin’ in the back.  Crusin’ down the street.

If there’s rain, don’t worry about it.  We’ll dance in the rain. If it’s cold, we’ll wear our favorite wool sweaters.  If it’s the wet-southern-sticky kind of hot, then cotton.  Definitely, cotton. It won’t be formal.  Who wants to go to a formal party?  No.  This will be a strictly casual affair—happy thing.

Sure, I hope you’ll miss me.  Saying good-bye is difficult when you’re the one being left behind. If there’s pain, let it come.  Don’t fight it.  Just sit with it. But not too long.  Because, there’s way too much life yet to live. I mean, I know there are times when life is difficult and there were times when I disappointed you, times when I hurt you. But I hope those careless, impatient, weary times, (sometimes I was just hungry) you can forgive.  I hope you can bask in the memories of our joys, our laughter, our shared victories and maybe even our struggles.

I honestly don’t really know if I’ll see you again. I hope so.  But there are mysteries in this world, things that are uncertain.   Like if something really fell from the sky and they actually did recover alien bodies and they’re covering it all up.  I’ve learned to live with mysteries, mostly.  Maybe even learn to revel in them.  But, like I said, I hope so—that I will see you again. But if I don’t, then just know this life was enough. It was perfect—beautiful—even in its mysteries and imperfections.  Remember that.

I hope it’s a long time from now.  But if for some sudden unexpected reason, it’s not, I wanted you to know.

When the day comes.