Give Heed

by jimowensjr

when emerald waters turn dark,

and placid seas boil,

and the wind howls like a dying beast,

when brave men cry,

and plead with their gods and

curse their fates,

when tattered sails

slap a furious dirge,

and the ship groans with fatigue,

and the noonday sun dissolves

behind an angry sky,

give heed;


when the regret of words spoken

or those yet unsaid

brim within an aching heart,

and harbor’s calm is but a distant memory,

and tomorrow’s troubles are a desperate longing,

and the waves break high above the bow,

and the deck is awash in chaos and desperation,

when the ravenous sea opens her gaping maw

to feast upon dreams and hope,

when heaven opens and

she pours out despair like a weeping mother,

and when death calls like a familiar friend,

when the Captain calls “heave to,”

give heed;


give heed.

give heed and come about.

give heed and turn into the tempest

to roar downward on the wave and into the deepest trough

then rise high upon its crest,

whether with a shaken fist, a shout,

or in quiet resolve,

be not mastered by despair,

be not mastered by regret,

be not mastered by delusion,

let not fear be your master,

let not despair dwell where peace might reign;


give heed.