Wing Night: Just for Fun

by jimowensjr

I like burgers

with curly fries;

Ribeyes, potatoes

Sour cream and chives.


Give me a biscuit

With butter and jelly;

Maybe some bacon

To fill this thick belly.


If there’s a cookie

It don’t matter much;

I’ll lick up the batter

Chocolate chips and such.


But if I’m honest

About such things;

Sometimes I just crave

‘Bout a dozen chicken wings.


Make’m hot and spicy

Oh, let me perspire;

Wash me over now with

That Holy Red Fire.


Dip’em in ranch or

Some chunky blue cheese;

Battered or naked

Just bring’em now, please.


It could be that I

Will later regret;

The choices I made,

And how much I “ett;”


Is she staring at me?

Is there sauce on my face?

She hurries her children

“Let’s leave this bad place.”


My diet is something

I dare not explain;

My fleshy waistline,

I could surely better maintain.


Yes, now it’s true,

That I’m getting older;

But mostly  I wish

my Sam Adams was colder;


Someday, tomorrow,

Or maybe next year;

My changing blood work

Might cause me to fear;


But it’s a “special” wing night,

Just a quarter for one;

So I’ll have twelve more

And then I’ll be done.