We Belonged to Each Other

by jimowensjr

If we should pass ‘long life’s broken street

And somehow these eyes should fail to ‘er meet;


Just walking on past, without giving a glance

And miss the time that we should’ve danced;


If we should pass by, and did never quite talk

Chasing vague dreams in some distracted grand walk;


Or if failing to lift our gaze from our distracted pace

Relentlessly straining to win in this furious race;


If we should’ve missed the glorious rhyme

Nor make the choice to invest proper time;


And should life full of such endless chatter

Deny us the gift of the things that most matter;


If in deafness we don’t hear our most common song

That which is true, for what all we long;


Let this odd verse, that comes to here to end

Rest quite assured my unknown kind friend;


We belonged one to each other from life’s very start

Regret not that we never shared purest heart.