Incite the Grand Riot

by jimowensjr

Young babe pure and true

Conformed from first day

Be not something new;



Molded and taught

Just be the same

And not what you ought;



Stray not afar

Nor ‘ere reach too high

Just be as we are;



Listen dear child

To what you now hear

And only be mild;



Well worn and clear

Stay close to this path

Be safe and so near;



A good life for all

Should be comfort enough

Pay no heed the siren’s call;



Some small bit of peace

And belly near full

All the rest now release;



Walk on the right course

And ride not upon

Some gallant wild horse;



Stroll gently all ‘long

And sing with great crowds

Their same dismal song;



Or cause fresh dismay

Incite the grand riot

As you pass on your way;



Make them all wonder

And shake their same heads

As conventions you plunder;



Never your own thirst slake

In these well-known waters

Drink from the dark lake.



When winds often blow

Of their merely enough

Your own seed then sow;



For should you little possess

‘Cept your own glorious way

‘Tis no sin to confess;



Though you be oft forsaken

Fear not the risk

But those never taken.