Reflections on Life, Leadership, Mindfulness, Change, and other Important Stuff

Month: June, 2015

Orchestral Sounds


Orchestral sounds,

All around.

Grass and tree

Sing to me


Melodies abound.

Delight my soul

To make me whole,

Mud and rose

My head, my toes,

O’r me roll.


Light, shadow, butterfly wings

These silent things,

Fill this heart,

With each new start

A new day sings.


So Many Things

So many things

In life to try,

Things to do

Not things to buy;



I’ve thrown away,

But keep the stuff,

Of that I cannot

Get quite enough;


Music, memories,

And friends of old,

These are in life,

The purest gold;



Safely stored,

They do not fade,

Nor rot or rust;

Of this is what life is made.



Even heartache,

Loss and sorrow,

Fill a life

With rich tomorrow.

I Love the South

I love the South,

My truest home.

Not far from here,

Will my heart roam.


The food, the folks,

And the sweet tea

Are all some magic



But I’m a fellow

Rather large you see,

That simply wilts

In humidity.


It isn’t pretty

When I perspire.

Small children flee

Fear I’ll expire.


From Spring til Fall

I’ll be dripping wet

I’m sorry y’all

Please try and forget.


This beastly fellow

Who needs a towel

Say bless my heart

As you hear me howl.