Set Them Free

by jimowensjr

When in the morn,

I oft awake

To body sore

So full of ache;


From the night

Of blissful sleep,

This back and neck

I hear them weep;


Amongst the sound,

Of gasp and groan,

And stretch to wake

This fragile stone;


And face this day

With growing bliss

These limbs cannot,

My soul resist;


But with each pain,

I tell them so,

We must arise

‘Tis time to go;


At my command

They oft do flee,

Though he so slowly,

My tender knee;


Yet giving thanks

For every pain,

Life is joy

Despite the strain;


And as I bid,

These hurts to go

They remind me still

Of what I know;


Body and heart

Let me attend,

Care for them,

Until they end


Let me see,

With open eyes,

Another’s struggle

Through their disguise;


Couldst I restore,

In kindness see,

Some broken soul,

Set them free?