When Once I was a Younger Man

by jimowensjr

When once I was a younger man

And thought so much I knew,

There really wasn’t anything

I didn’t know was true.


When once I was a younger man

It seemed I was so bright,

I never doubted for a bit

That I was mostly right.


But now I am an older man

Who finally sees the way,

More like the like the child

Who longs to dance and play.


Now I am an older man

With so much left to find

So please forgive me of my sins

When I was still so blind.


Now I am an older man

And humbly hope my face,

To all I meet shall surely be

Filled with love and grace.


There is so much I still must learn

As my hair turns white,

So much left to understand

Before the final night.


So if my days be short or long

I hope it can be said,

He learned so much before he went

To sleep on his eternal bed.