Where hides now the gentle grace?

by jimowensjr

Where hides now the gentle grace,

that once beamed upon thy precious face?


What grave harm from thee hast stole

the kindness from thy weeping soul?


Why hast thou forsaken, gone, to flee

and cast me in this dreadful sea?


When whilst thou return o distant friend

thy strength and mine to ever lend?


Who hast taken thy loving glance

and left mine heart no more to dance?


Could I a sorcerer conjure some potion

and thus assure eternal devotion?


Would I a King compel you near,

and drive you by some noble fear?


Or if, a God would I command

come to me now, walk hand in hand?


Sure not true friend gone far astray,

‘tis not for me to judge thy chosen way.


But hold this space for thy return,

will I for thee and without spurn.


With open arms to hold close once more,

now, the ‘morrow, and evermore.