In the vacant stares of confusion

by jimowensjr

In the vacant stares of confusion

from the unending darkness,

the candle now flickers

where once a great spark;


Some thief of has stolen

all that belongs

from the old castle,

all its beautiful songs.


Remembered, though gone,

as his subjects stand near;

they watch and they listen,

resisting their fear.


Echoes rise from every hall

washing hope from despair

in sharing grand memories

of this castle once fair.


The warrior of kindness

now reclines on the throne;

his own house empty,

gazing at the unknown.


Still king in his castle, now a frail shadow

of his forgotten life past;

still his story is ever,

a thing that will last.


For all who knew him

will carry his light

and build their own castles

in fatigue or in might.


His spirit and wisdom

shall evermore fill,

their rooms and their halls,

when his body is still.


No longer to wander,

no darkness to sift;

farewell his beloved,

who carry his gift.