The man of unknown face

by jimowensjr

Off in the distance of time and space,

Watches the man of unknown face;


So strain to reach him through the mist,

To struggle and grasp with tightened fist;


He calls me ever, yet comes not near

With songs of life I long to hear;


Like some odd master of the way,

He speaks to me in thoughts all day;


And call to him without avail

How long my mind must he assail?


Yet in the quiet I find him there

For he is me, though unaware;


Dreams and hopes deep in my soul

Burn whitest hot like blazing coal;


So letting go I still this heart,

And begin again a gentler start;


Though call me still he does most sure,

But in release I know him pure;


In ease of slow and settled pace,

With quiet mind I see his face;


No longer clutch in desperate worry

No longer live in futile hurry;


Now finally one, me and this man,

Can walk together our sacred plan.