Reflections on Life, Leadership, Mindfulness, Change, and other Important Stuff

Month: January, 2015

Little boys lie down to wander

Little boys lie down,

to wander.

Unchained by worldly care,

to dream dreams of some grand adventure.

Storming castles high

to save the maiden fair.

On high sea and into the valley dark;

To cross the wind driven sands;

to trek through jungles wet with wonder.

Taming great beasts;

and into the dragon’s lair,

to suck the dripping sweet nectar from life’s ripest fruit.

Little boys lie down

to wander.

Just as their father’s do.

Symphony or Thunder

Symphony or thunder,

it matters not to me.

Music fills this one life

with such ecstatic glee.


Waking in the morning

to songs of first daylight.

They beckon I should follow

and lift my soul to flight.


When midnight dark and black

comes round my troubled heart,

I find myself amazed

by Nature’s purest art.


The Songs of All Creation,

some even borne of men,

will ever press me onward

from melodies they send.


Symphony or thunder,

it matters not to me.

Walking Through This Crowd

Walking through this crowd,

to find a quiet place.

I find it rather strange,

this doing human race.


So busy and so hurried,

yet with so much still to give,

it seems to me that people,

may have forgotten how to live.


We gather and we do,

with so much still to see.

I wonder if we’re able,

to just a human be.

I wonder where it’s going

I wonder where it’s going,

as it shudders down the track,

through cold and rain and snow and heat,

struggling upon the mountain side,

over canyons wide and rivers deep,

it’s mournful whistle blowing

straining under heavy burdens,

somewhere to unload.

Does it ever find it’s peace?

I wonder where it’s going.

Does it ever find it’s home?